At a time when all clubs, organisations and societies are looking for exciting ways of raising money a night at the Liam O’Connor Show might just be the answer.

A number of clubs and county administrations have taken up this offer and have reaped the rewards.

All you have to do is sell the tickets and let Liam and his Show entertain you and your clubmates.

You can book the Show to come and perform in your premises or bring your members to the Killarney Avenue Hotel where, depending on numbers, you can have an exclusive show.

Full details of this unique opportunity to enjoy the ‘Must See Show’ while raising funds then please email or text your contact details to 087 2296000 and we will get back to you with all the information required.

Liam O'Connor

Being invited to play at some of the worlds most prestigious venues is nothing new to Liam who has graced such stages as Radio City Music Hall, Sun City in South Africa, the World Expo in China, The Point in Dublin and the Las Vegas MGM Grand.
However this performance might not have been in a venue of that scale but it was possibly even more auspicious РRonnie Scotts Jazz Club.

And now you can enjoy that privilege too as the performance has been released in the eponymously named album ‘Live at Ronnie Scotts’ which is available to purchase.

Liam said that it was a pleasure to follow such legends as Ronnie Scott and Jimi Hendrix onto the stage. “To play with some wonderful musicians in a venue that is renowned around the world was a joy”
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